Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ducking Rain Drops =)

What a contrast from yesterday's weather. In addition to the rain, it was CHILLY!
I managed to get a few photos despite having to head for cover a few times, but ultimately Hannah's session was cut short and we'll need to finish up at a later stay tuned!
Mom, Dad and especially Hannah were very patient and hopefully when we meet up again the weather will be more accommodating!
Here are a couple we managed to capture in spite of it all =)
Check out those sweet little teeth!!

Such a sweet profile. i love how her hair curls under her ear =)

Thanks for looking!


Tonya Marie said...

You captured a beautiful image to show off those two cute teeth. How adorable is that!

DH said...

Leez: Both pics are super good, considering the circumstances.

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

I can't believe the weather was bad! these are beautiful. The soft glow of the second is so gentle and sweet, but that smile in the first one is a showstopper!