Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prince William County, VA Photographer

Hi there!
I keep forgetting that when i post a sneak preview on Facebook that it doesn't show up on the blog! So sorry about that! One of these days i will get it all straight!
So...let me just post a few from some recent sessions while i come up for some air. I know Christmas is still more than a month away, but i am in the depths of the 'Holiday Rush' so the time tends to escape me especially when it comes to blogging and all that other online 'stuff' =).
And while i have your attention November is completely booked as well as December. However there is a waiting list. All you have to do is contact the studio for details. If you already contacted me about a session prior to today, you are all set.
To expectant moms, if you are due between now and January, please contact the studio to check for availability. While i have booked up all the regular time slots i always try to leave room for newborns when possible.
I can't thank all my wonderful clients enough for your support. You continue to make me love what i do!!

Now to some sneak previews...Let's see...we've got all kinds of little cuties so enjoy!