Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life's Miracles (this is going to be long!)

Wow. It's been quite awhile since i have made time to blog. So much has happened...both in the world and in my life...personally and professionally. I have been 'cheating' a little by sending the sneak previews via email to my clients vs updating the blog. I have been finding it difficult to make time to write my comments about my wonderful subjects and then the time slips by!
Maybe it's the post holiday rush combined with all the snow we got here in the metro DC area. Maybe it has to do with the recent passing of my mother.
Either way, i was reminded by a wonderful young mother that i haven't posted any updates so today is the day!
As i look through some recent sessions, i thought it appropriate to share one featuring a little girl named Sophia. First of all i have to back up to about 2 years ago. I was contacted to photograph a newborn...however i was informed it would not be my 'typical' newborn session as this one would be taking place in the NICU of a local hospital. Little Sophia was experiencing potentially life threatening complications and i needed to get there as soon as possible.
Sophia's parents are two of the strongest people i have ever met, with an unshakable faith in the healing power of God. They believed that no matter what the doctors were telling them that their tiny baby girl was going to be healed....against all odds.
I completed the session and the family was kind enough to send me updates from time to time. But a long period of time had passed when i heard nothing at all. I continued to pray for them but didn't want to imagine my joy when i recently received and email from Sophia's doting father requesting me to photograph Sophia who turned TWO YEARS OLD!!
I about did a flip i was so happy. Sophia has indeed beaten the odds and continues with therapy and care AT HER HOME!! She is truly an example of the power of unconditional love and unshakable faith and i am a better person because of her.

Here are a couple pics from my first meeting with her back in the NICU:

Here she is as a beautiful, growing 2 year old!:

Thank you for letting me share her with all of you =)