Monday, January 28, 2008

12 Days New

I am a dork...seriously...I really am...when mom asked if I wanted to hold this honey-haired earth angel, I fresh and adorable and pure. It was love at first sight for me....and hopefully for you too!
Introducing Caitlin Marie, 12 days new (scroll a couple posts below to see Caitlin's loving parents and big sis just 3 days before Caitlin was born!)

Welcome to the world little one =)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Classic Beauty"

That's exactly what i thought when I first laid eyes on this adorable 1 year old girl, Miss Maggie Kate. She is simply classic and oh so beautiful!
One of the coolest parts of the session was when mom mentioned she would like Maggie Kate to wear a very special dress. It belonged to Maggie Kate's Grandmother (and namesake) and is more than 90 years old.....a lovely and delicate family heirloom.
It was a perfect match for the strictly black and white session and the sweet little 'fainting sofa' on which she would sit.
Even more special is that today is her birthday!
We also got her two brothers in for a few moments which made for an extra special session.
A special shout out to dad for helping to get everyone in a funny mood!
Here is your first sneak peek!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Blustery Day...a perfect day for a SNOW SESSION!

Meet Ella!
Ella and I had a session scheduled for Tuesday at the studio in Occoquan. It started snowing just about the same time we were to start a quick change of plans turned into an outdoor "Strawberries and Cream" snow session...many, many thanks to Ella's mom for being so flexible and that chair was heavy LOL!
Ella recently began violin lessons and was very eager to show me how she plays "Huckleberry Hot Dog"
It was a lot of fun as you can see =)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Anticipation..antici pay ay's makin' me wait...

Now that you have that Carly Simon song in your head..BWAHAHAHA!

Okay i am's 2am and i am STILL up...I promised this lovely mom-to-be that I would put up a sneak preview from today's maternity session before I went to bed ;-0)
Mom is due any day now, and I am anxiously awaiting meeting the new little one.
In the meanwhile, here is mom, dad and sister-to-be ( a favorite subject of mine who you may recognize from the website). We did a few 'low key' in studio then had some fun with a pretty gown and fairies!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I promised an example of 'Vintage Valentine'....

And here it is:
"The Queen of Hearts"
Well she is certainly the Queen of *my* heart =)

I think those of you who have had sessions with me, know that I really love to blend 'art' with photography when the opportunity presents itself.
I am an old fashioned 'vintage' kind of girl, even though my studio 'screams' contemporary with all the chrome and white. I guess i am a bit eclectic, no? LOL!

All sessions between now and the end of February can have a 'Vintage Valentine' theme upon request. They will be shot in studio unless we have some really nice weather.
I invite you to email me via the website to check availability. Costumes and stylizing available too. Let's have some fun!

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Everyone is a winner =)

I want to thank everyone who made time to vote in the poll. Congratulations to Miss Lily.

While I am unable to give a free session to all 12 of the finalists, you ALL will receive a complimentary 11x14 at your next paid session if you so choose. Just email me for details.

Thanks again!

Thursday, January 10, 2008's the thing

I wish to make it clear that I can see where the poll votes are coming from...I have been asked if 'stranger' solicitation is allowed, and frankly it's preferred...strangers will be more impartial...regardless of whether they are asked to vote for a particular nominee or not. I can't control how people vote and nothing any of the nominees has done is in violation of the poll. I did not anticipate how creative some nominees would get and may add some specific rules the next time I suppose.
Thanks for your understanding
The poll police..aka Lisa

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Down to the wire!

There is just over 24 hours left to vote in the poll.
I am really looking forward to seeing the final results.
Please note that it is OKAY to email the blog to your friends and family or groups to which you belong. There is still time!! Good luck are all winners as far as I am concerned =)

I will be back later in the week with some Vintage Valentine's Day examples to share..woohoo!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My my you've been bizzy!!!!!

I just want to send a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who are/have been participating in the 'voting process''s hard to pick just one, isn't it???
I am anxious to see who it will be...there are still six more days to vote, and by the looks of it, the race is pretty close for some of these nominees!

Head's up for a sampling of what's coming up in 2008:

*Vintage Valentines Day Boutique Mini Sessions (booking NOW through February)

*Fairytale 'fantastical fusions' blending whimsical, artistic design with fine art photography.

*'Generational' Boutique Mini Sessions (think Mother and Daughter for Mothers Day and Father and Son fine art portraits for Fathers Day) Sessions held starting in March and April.

*Upscale NEW framing and mounting options...images of examples to come...each option allows for hanging right on the wall...all set and ready to go!

Holiday 2008 session 'cut off' is November 5th. This means if you are planning to do a session for Christmas portraits, your session must take place by November 5th to guarantee timely delivery.

Please email me for more information and to reserve your 2008 sessions. I am normally booked weeks in advance. Early reservations are recommended to ensure the date of your choice.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog surfing =)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay...after much deliberation and limiting the contest to 12 finalists, let the voting begin!!!

The subject in the portrait who receives the most votes as 'Kissalicious Kapture of 2007' will receive a 30minute mini session and one 11x14 wall portrait. Session to take place in the month of February or March, on a date to be determined. Winner will be notified via email as well as blog post....

So without further delay, here are the nominees in no particular order.
The boys in the poll are 1-6B and the girls are 1-6G:

Now the girls: