Friday, January 4, 2008

My my you've been bizzy!!!!!

I just want to send a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who are/have been participating in the 'voting process''s hard to pick just one, isn't it???
I am anxious to see who it will be...there are still six more days to vote, and by the looks of it, the race is pretty close for some of these nominees!

Head's up for a sampling of what's coming up in 2008:

*Vintage Valentines Day Boutique Mini Sessions (booking NOW through February)

*Fairytale 'fantastical fusions' blending whimsical, artistic design with fine art photography.

*'Generational' Boutique Mini Sessions (think Mother and Daughter for Mothers Day and Father and Son fine art portraits for Fathers Day) Sessions held starting in March and April.

*Upscale NEW framing and mounting options...images of examples to come...each option allows for hanging right on the wall...all set and ready to go!

Holiday 2008 session 'cut off' is November 5th. This means if you are planning to do a session for Christmas portraits, your session must take place by November 5th to guarantee timely delivery.

Please email me for more information and to reserve your 2008 sessions. I am normally booked weeks in advance. Early reservations are recommended to ensure the date of your choice.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog surfing =)

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