Saturday, January 12, 2008

I promised an example of 'Vintage Valentine'....

And here it is:
"The Queen of Hearts"
Well she is certainly the Queen of *my* heart =)

I think those of you who have had sessions with me, know that I really love to blend 'art' with photography when the opportunity presents itself.
I am an old fashioned 'vintage' kind of girl, even though my studio 'screams' contemporary with all the chrome and white. I guess i am a bit eclectic, no? LOL!

All sessions between now and the end of February can have a 'Vintage Valentine' theme upon request. They will be shot in studio unless we have some really nice weather.
I invite you to email me via the website to check availability. Costumes and stylizing available too. Let's have some fun!

Have a great weekend!!

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