Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1 From yesterday...1 From Today =)

Do you remember Caitlyn the little newborn from January? She is almost 4 months old ALREADY! I have been posting most everything in color lately so here's a black and white...how about that hair...too stinkin' cute for words, no?!!

And here is the precociously lovely Kristina! She is the 2nd model i have had the privilege to photograph for the Down Syndrome Association of Northern VA's 2009 calendar. Kristina along with her Mom Tina and big brother Conner were kind enough to make the ride to the studio from Manassas today. I loved meeting you all so much!


Tonya Marie said...

Oh that hair is too cute!
And Kristina looks like such a sweetie. Lovely captures Lisa.

Kelly Campbell said...

LOVE that little fuzzy haired baby! SO cute, and I am glad you finally got Kris to sit and take the picture! :-)

tina said...

thank you so very much for a wonderful session. you did a great job.

~Debbi~ said...

Looks like Caitlin's hair is getting crazier by the day. All that blonde is so unexpected, though it shouldn't be since her mom and sister are blonde...just used to the little brunettes that I'm around all the time! What a doll baby! That's a great memory you captured there.

Ka Nani Essentials said...

Ha!! Love those days when hair is like that ;D

Awesome work you have going on here!!

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

Oh that hair indeed! she is precious!
And Kristina is beautiful! Such an awesome project!