Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Okay i know i am behind in posting sneak peeks and i am going a little out of order tonight..or should i say today since it's after midnight lol! But i just had to put a few up before calling it a night.

This weekend was just glorious...the weather...the clients..everything was really wonderful.

Late this afternoon i had the privilege of photographing a truly amazing family...very fun...very active (think soccer!) and they were also very patient. My fave shooting spot was PACKED to the gills so it took awhile before we were finally able to get to the sand. In the meanwhile we found some other neat spots, and i really had fun when it was all said and done.
A special thanks to Austin for hanging in there! xo
Mrs C, i tried to get these out earlier but *you know who* had other plans for my night ;-)


Kelly said...

what a gorgeous family! Great job, I love the beachy-ness. :-)

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

Beautiful! Beautiful family, beautiful color and clarity. Love the attitude in the first two, but that fourth image, ohmy, just too gorgeous! Lovely work!

Lisa Julia said...

Thank you Kelly and Jen! They were a a lot of fun...and of course all of them being gorgeous helped quite a bit too lol!

Laurie Mire Photography said...

Love the family beach shoot! Beautiful color, composition and capture.