Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Northern VA Maternity Photographer

Oh gosh...the time has escaped me again and alas i am wicked behind in blogging! Not to mention i have been trying to add another gallery to my website and i realized i am running out of server space..ACK!...on top of that i did something really stupid! I picked up a skillet i took out of the oven and burned my hand pretty badly. Though i am 'lefty' i still use my right hand a fact way more than i realized and editing and shooting has been a lot slower and more difficult.
The good news is my hand is much better and i have a couple moments to post a few from a maternity session with the lovely Malissa.
Joining us is aspiring artist Olivia who has been featured on the blog at least a few times that i can remember lol!
I also want to congratulate Malissa and the rest of the family on the recent birth of their new baby girl!!!



Audrey Coley said...

so cute! I love your posts! xxoxox

Mommy Rachelle said...

I love the last shot with the sister's expression. I wonder if she'll paint baby the same way ;)