Monday, June 9, 2008

Technical difficulties with my website...UGH!

So it's after 3am and i am trying to get caught up on editing...i have several beloved clients i recently photographed who are all moving out of state...which means i am burning the midnight oil (and beyond!) to get the galleries and slideshows my fingers are moving frantically in the wee hours of the morning....i just found out that only *I* can see the flash/high speed version of my website, and thanks to another local photog friend who is also burning the midnight oil, i now know my site is down...OH JOY! Seems the recent update i tried to do tonight messed things up and now i can't get it back to it's previous state...That'll teach me!
Thankfully my ancient but reliable 'dial up' site is still working, though my flash site, as well as the blog you are reading has my more recent work.
Hopefully the wonderful techie web folks i contacted a few minutes ago while in a state of panic will be able to help me fix this soon...but i trust they are in bed at the moment as i should be!
Maybe i am dreaming this and it's really working...i will keep you posted!  Or better yet, if you can see the high speed version of my site, let me know so i can sleep easier LOL!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming =)  ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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