Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fairytale Fusions =)

There is a part of me that is still very much a believer in fairytales and all things magical.
That's the inspiration behind my "Fairytale Fusions". These Limited Edition pieces fuse fine art photographs with whimsical graphic elements. No two pieces are exactly alike and i will work with you to design the perfect wall portrait and family heirloom. Each portrait is digitally signed and numbered for authenticity.
If your little girl would like to be transported to a world of fairies and butterflies, similar to these screen captures below, i invite you to contact me through my website to reserve your session.
Costumes and styling provided on request =).

Midsummer Butterfly Princess

Hard to see but this little Faerie, near and dear to me requested POINTED ears lol!!

Till next time!


Anonymous said...

LOVVVE these, wish I knew how to do this, you are soo talented!

Becca said...

Whoa, gorgeous shots!!!!

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

These are pure magic Lisa. PURE MAGIC! I don't know any little girls who wouldn't flip out to be featured as the star of their own fairytale. What a beautiful, darling thing to offer your families.

Tonya Marie said...

These are lovely. So well done and just magical. You are so VERY talented!!!

Rhonda said...

ok, so is there an age limit for these? i totally want to be swept away into a fairly land like this! (or at least have the photo to look at and dream about!!) These are AMAZING!!! I LOVE!!!

Lisa Julia Photography said...

LOL, Rhonda!! You know i suppose you are never too old to be in a fairytale..i emailed you xo

Fairion said...

Oh my gosh that is exquisite. Can we make a mother daughter fairytale story?

Huy said...

Hi Lisa Julia,

These are nice!

Take care,