Thursday, February 12, 2009

Child Photographer in Northern VA

Sweeeeeeeet Car-o-line....duh duh duh....
Okay now that those of you old enough to remember that Neil Diamond song have it stuck in your head, i would like to present the lovely Caroline and her baby sister Kate.

Thanks go out to their beautiful mama for bringing the girls and all their 'gear' to the studio!
I really enjoyed the time we spent together =)


MommyRachelle said...

beautiful images! I especially LOVE the newborn pose. She looks so inquisitive in this dreamy shot.

Tonya Marie said...

Look at all of that lovely spring color...where is spring by the way? We are covered in snow!
Beautiful kiddos. Beautiful images.

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

hahahaha,lucky for you, I like that song,lol.

Caroline is GORGEOUS. love that smile! And of course, her new baby sister is equally lovely!