Sunday, January 11, 2009 i caved =0)

I signed up on Facebook about 6 months ago for a personal account (that i am just figuring out how to use lol!) and finally got around to adding a page for Lisa Julia Photography!
If you click Lisa Julia Photography:Facebook

It will take you right to my page where you can add me as a friend and become a 'fan' =) I recently posted some of the highlights from my 2008 portrait sessions.
By joining my facebook group you will be the first to know of any specials and promotions before they even show up on the blog.
Hope to see you there.
I will be back later with a few portraits of a 7 month old boy to share...we did this session all black and white!
Stay tuned!


MAG said...

Cool! I'll definitely go and friend and fan you! Can't wait to see your b&w pics!

MommyRachelle said...

Welcome to the facebook family... Of course, I've already become a fan! Looking forward to the B&W post today :)