Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fairytale Portraits in Northern VA it's cold and dreary outside...but hopefully this will bring you a warm smile!

I have posted info about my 'Fairytale Fusions' in prior entries where i take portraits i have made and blend them with a bit of whimsy. Previously my Fairytale Fusions were only available to my clients and only on portraits i photographed.
New for 2009, i am now accepting commissions from the 'general public' as well as other photographers. Now YOUR photographs can be transformed!
As you can imagine, Fairytale Fusions are quite labor intensive and close attention is paid to every teeny tiny detail. No two are ever exactly the same.
In order for a Fairytale Fusion to 'work' there are some requirements that need to be met with the photographs i use. The higher the quality of the photographs, the better the results. Not all photographs are appropriate candidates. I review each photo submitted and return a proposal which includes what my vision might be for your photograph.
Each Fairytale Fusion is priced on a case-by-case basis and an estimate will be included with your proposal.
I am only able to take a limited amount of Fairytale Fusions from 'non' clients at this time so you are encouraged to get in touch as quickly as possible for more details.
Current and previous clients have first priority...and YES, we can select a 'candidate' for a Fairytale Fusion from the portraits captured in the Boutique Petite mini sessions =)
Here is a recent Fairytale Fusion commissioned by a fellow photographer in St Louis.

Thanks Nic...i had a blast creating this for you!!

Before: (Isn't he adorable?!)

With a lil bit of Elfin Magic =)


Audrey Coley said...

Love it, so cute!

Shannon said...

oh lisa this is stunning :)! a true work of art!! nicole, must be FREAKING OUT!!! wonderful job!!

MAG said...

I'm pretty well speechless. You're a true artist!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

yes, I am sending it to print this week and I just can't believe it! Lisa is a genius, a true materpiece, I wanna be just like her ;-)

my word ver is sales, LOL

kelly said...

i love your fairytale fusions! they're truely stunning.

MommyRachelle said...

totally enchanted! We're still doing this with Ya and Chi, yes?

Tamika said...

I love the fairytale portraits. I will keep you in mind for future requests.

Shellie said...

Fantastic! I love the creativity!