Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photography Studio in Occoquan, VA

This year i resolve to try to be better about posting on my blog! I had all these grand ideas about an end of 2009 'favorites' post and realize we are already into the first week of 2010!
I still plan to do that post and hopefully make it into an easy to view slideshow, but it's been challenging to select my favorites while also having my first grader home for Winter Break for the last 2 weeks ;-)

In the meanwhile i wanted to let you all know about the Winter Boutique Petites! They have been a big hit when i have been able to set aside time to do them so i wanted to do a block of them in 2010 as well! Boutique Petites are mini sessions and are best suited for one or two subjects and are scheduled for 20 minutes...perfect for those who are new to the custom portraiture experience! They are normally done in the studio this time of year unless someone wants to brave the chilly air and shoot around Occoquan! I am up for anything and recently photographed a *very* daring family in the rain! (You know who you are)
So, for sessions that take place from January 5th- February 26th, you may be given the option of a Full Session or a Boutique Petite if you meet the requirements. This will be the only time i foresee this year that i will be giving that option. Please use the contact form on my website and i will fill you in on all the details! These are being booked on a first come first serve basis.

Now for a sneak preview of that 'rainy day' session i mentioned above. Historic Occoquan is an awesome setting no matter what the weather =) Thanks Debbi and family for making my work enjoyable!!!

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