Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Photographer in Northern VA

Little Yadon (aka 'Ya') is one of my favorite young subjects! I have been photographing him since he was taking up residence in his mother's womb ;-)
He is just over a year old now and he's grown into a magnificent little cherub complete with twinkling eyes and deep dimples. I only have one to share for now as my work schedule has been put slightly on hold due to my daughter getting sick. Tis the season i suppose but it makes it much harder to work when you are worried about your little one. The good news is she's on the mend and we hope to have a full recovery in the next few days.
In the meanwhile here's Ya in all his cuteness!


Audrey Coley Photography said...

Lovely! as always! Color is fantastic!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous!! Love the colors here. i am so jealous of what a "real" fall looks like!

Mommy Rachelle said...

we've been oogling over the whole gallery for hours... debating which to print for the wall, which to share with family... Awesome session, crazy fun and incredible results. Thank you for making sure every detail of every photo showcases what I see as beautiful in my kids.