Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Child Photographer in Northern VA

I am posting a bit out of order but Facebook is giving me some trouble and i want this Mama's friends to be able to see today's 'sneak preview'.
Without further delay, i present 3 adorable siblings who were such a delight!

Big sister =)

Little Brother =)

Baby Brother =)

Stay tuned in the coming days for newborn twins and more babies!


MAG of Marie Photographie said...

I absolutely love how the girl is playing with her toes in that first shot. So cute!

Shannon said...

Love these :)! great expressions! so fun to see you outdoors again :)!

Audrey Coley said...

Love these! and what a great chair! I get so excited when you post!

Lisa Julia Photography said...

Thank you everyone! It really helps that i have such lovely clients..makes me look good lol!
Audrey the chair was a very generous gift from Kelly Campbell who owns Kelly's Artbox...a boutique in the same building as my studio. She rocks!

The Gourleys wild ride said...

love the chair! want the chair! lol these are gorgeous

Mommy Rachelle said...

Hey there. I loved your help on my photo. Must admit that lighting issues plague my very photographic existence. I seriously need to take a course :) BTW, love, love, love the last shot of the little guy in his camo 'fit. Too cute.

TonyaMarie said...

What cutie pies! You captured their expressions perfectly.