Sunday, December 16, 2007

Siblings: Last blog entry before Christmas

Can't believe how fast Christmas approaching! With my holiday sessions behind me to where I am *almost* caught up, it's time to take a weeeeee break as my family and I head to Boston.
I thought a post which included a few recent sibling portraits would be an appropriate way to say 'good-bye' for now. What better way prepare for a holiday that's all about Love, than to show the loving bond between siblings.

Enjoy....and Merry Christmas =)


jen said...

sooooo lovely Lisa Julia!! I hope Christmas was full of wonder and blessings for your whole family!

~Debbi~ said...

Well, obviously my favorite is the first one. I've received a multitude of compliments on it. I can't believe I'm that person who drags pictures along with her and shoves them in everyone's faces but...they're just so fabulously adorable!

Becky said...

That picture of the "angel" holding the newborn is simply magical! Great work!